Our clients speak for ourselves


El Cielo

“Working with VP Interiorismo has been an amazing experience for me. I felt like I was talking to a friend from the beginning and it has always been like that. Besides being very professional, they are friendly and comfortable. They made me feel my project mattered and they felt it as theirs at all times. If I could feel anything besides gratitude towards VP Interiorismo, it is affection."


Casa Cocula Hotel

"Having previously worked with VP Interiorismo in other personal projects, I did not hesitate to ask for help in this project. We are really happy to have made the decision, now that I see the result of their work.

The work consisted of creating the complete image of the hotel. The ability of its management staff to make assertive decisions during their visits to the work generated important advances that, added to their original and creative ideas, left no detail unattended. With your contacts and suppliers we work as a team and now we can verify the quality of each of the pieces as remarkable. Now that the project is a reality and we are pleased to receive guests and diners, the comments related to the image and quality are flattering and recurring.

We truly appreciate the work of VP Interiorismo, their support and efforts to make this project. They have surely contributed to our success and we will be thankful forever."


MA House

“I have loved the support you have given us in the projects we have worked together during the years I have known you. I think your opinions are always smart and creative and you are always looking to satisfy our needs. I love how you look for harmony at work and among people. Always looking for all opinions and likes to come together. Thank you very much for your support.“


Luma TM

“I want to share my experience with VP Interiorismo. It was excellent; I loved their way of working and their service. Everything is amazing; they delivered on time, and the attention was very pleasant. Congratulations and good luck!“


Casa Olivo

"It was a great experience working with Victoria Plasencia's team because I felt their support at all times to capture in my house a harmonious and good taste atmosphere. I feel so happy to see my house full of details that make it look pretty and comfortable.

I enjoy every place of my house, but my favorite place is the living room because I get to enjoy the view to the garden and terrace; besides, the colors make it comfortable. It was exactly what I wanted; a place that would allow me to enjoy family and friends’ reunions."


Abajeño Sur Restaurant

"I loved Victoria's ideas on the construction and the floor. Perhaps my favorite area is the entrance with the chandelier and the embroidered canvas. It is a pleasure working with this great team!"


Casa Lomas

"We were very happy after working with Vicky and her team. They perfectly captured the idea of what we wanted and helped us to shape them. Every corner of the house has very special details.

Our house is really cozy and functional. Besides, she truly teamed up with the architects who designed our house project. The areas we liked the most are the living room, the dining room, the bar, and our daughter's bedroom."


Casa Atrium

"Hiring Victoria Plasencia and her team to help us build our house was the best decision. We have always received and excellent, personalized, and very professional service from our first appointment up to now.

We are delighted with the result. It's just what we dreamed of; it is cozy, it satisfies our needs and it is what we like."


Apto Offices

"Working with Victoria and her team is a synonym of commitment and perfection; they stuck to our budget and were very responsible with the deadline."


IMEC Offices

"Victoria Plasencia managed to turn a place only good for utilitarian and industrial purposes into a pleasant, full of light, and good taste space. They heard our needs and designed versatile, useful, and functional spaces."


Casa Paseos

"I am happy to have had Vicky Plasencia's consulting experience. My husband and I were planning to decorate the house on our own but hiring her has been one of the best choices we made when building our house.

Her experience and professionalism made my house look like taken out of a magazine. I also felt like having a psychologist and a friend at all times and helped me shape a dream that seemed nearly impossible. Thank you very much!"


Bosques House

“El hecho de que Victoria Plasencia haya puesto su experiencia y profesionalismo en cada detalle de mi casa, me hace afirmar que lo que logró va mucho más allá de lo que puede llamarse decoración. Ya sean las recámaras, sala, terraza o cualquier espacio, refleja lo que buscaba: tranquilidad, combinación de estilos, espacios con luz.

Para ella cada detalle es importante y eso dio como resultado que mi casa se sienta como un hogar. Mi lugar favorito es la terraza y el bar, he disfrutado en ellos un sin número de reuniones con familia y amigos. Sin duda, es la casa de mis sueños. Gracias infinitas por haber materializado lo que era una casa ideal.“


Lake house

"Vicky is an active person, with a great capacity to design and decorate. Besides, she is an honest person so it's easy to work with her. I strongly recommend her."


Vista Bella House

"Working with Victoria Plasencia Interior Design in decorating our house was one of the best experiences. Victoria and her team are very professional people who take care of every little detail. When you see their work done, you are surprised when you see it was exactly how you imagined it.

They capture every idea you have and take it to the best level. Every space has a cozy and special finishing touch. All their work was done in due time. They were always willing to find every element to make your house exactly like you wanted it."