Interior design

Maiave Spa

About the project

This was a project in which VP Interiorismo participated in all design stages. We worked on it from start to finish, for two years, collaborating with various architects, engineers and designers from our office.

The Spa is currently located in a space that was not being used: the basement. This place used to be filled with machines, stockrooms, and laundry machines. We were faced with many challenges setting up this place trying to figure out how our design would merge with its space constraints. The hotel never stopped running, so the construction had to be discrete so guests would not be bothered. Our client was really worried about the lack of space, but he was aware guests needed an elegant first-class spa.

Our client wanted this place to have a unique, timeless, and original design. Materials should be long-lasting and have a Mexican vibe. Also, it was truly important for the spa to comply with their guests' security, so our project included signals, fire protection measures, air conditioning, etcetera.

We decided to decorate the place with natural stone such as crema marfil marble for the walls and Dakota mohany marble on floors. Parota and tzalam woods were used as they are well known for being tropical woods and are highly resistant to humidity. Decoration objects were handmade by Mexican artisans and linens were made by a Native community from the area.

One of the most difficult challenges was the weaving, furniture, decoration and materials as they also had to be highly resistant to Puerto Vallarta  high humidity levels.

This project was a global idea with a special meaning. Spa clients would have to live a unique experience and feel Mexico's warmth in their hearts.

Project ScopeInterior Design/ Furniture/ Decoration
PhotographyTamara Uribe / Oscar Delgado
Year 2017