VP Interiorismo

El Cielo

About the project

A housing complex far from the city and away from all routine and stress. Here, the construction of each element engages in harmony with the environment by becoming one with the area's regional context. At the entrance, we will see a road that lets us dream about touching the clouds while enjoying the beautiful wooded view from a privileged height.

A place that cares about people's human side and intended to enjoy those little details that nature gives us; of course, without living luxury and comfort aside. Villas are planned for sharing time, having fun, and resting; each of them is made up for a particular purpose.

Sharing is the main goal of this cottage; it is located at the entrance of the complex to welcome guests. A 2-floor villa with room for 12 people who can comfortably stay in its spacious bedrooms. A balance between neutral tones and accent colors in its headboards' walls can be appreciated; ruled by elegance essence, they are equipped with elements of the highest quality in bedding, furniture, details, and finishing touches. Its geometrical rugs are the utmost detail of this project.

Imagining, dreaming, and bringing something to life is one of the best feelings we can experience in life. One of the family villas is created based on this feeling. A place that brings up elegance and comfort, as well as the use of woods as a main element to resemble the environment. A villa that feels like home that contains personalized bedrooms; one for the children on the bottom floor decorated in blue shades to provide peace and cheerfulness; the other one contains a range of pastel tones with neutral base colors. Both bedrooms were thought for making the best out of space by creating bunk beds and complementing it with couches, puffs, and rugs to boost their imagination and dreams.

No matter if it's a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, this villa has everything you can dream of for all the family. Entertainment elements are what define this villa, also known as club house. We have large spaces distributed in 2 floors and a mezzanine. You can find a pool table, a living room, and a cards table on the bottom floor. Along with that, there is a great wine cellar for those with refined taste and a movie- theater room. On the top floor, we will see an open space where you can breathe warmth and harmony; it is defined by a chandelier made up of 6 impressive luminaria that stand out the double height of the room from any angle. It is complemented with a unique design living room thanks to its mixture of textiles such as linen, leather, cotton, and fur in varied furniture such as armchairs, couches, and seat cushions.

It is a delight to your eyes, whether is day or night, with its panoramic view to the mountains. This view can be enjoyed from inside by the double-height large windows or outside through the terrace along the whole villa complemented with a beautiful floor fireplace to enjoy endless nights looking at the stars while being outdoors.

This villa is characterized by its subtle seduction of all senses making it ideal for a weekend getaway or a long vacation. By highlighting its brick construction and natural materials, this villa is created to wrap us into a natural connection with the exterior with those beams of light coming through large windows filling each room with energy... and this is just the beginning of the adventure you will experience being here.

The road ends with this dream villa. It is a comfortable space in every sense as it is made up of 2 floors framed by an extraordinary fireplace which shows off a double height as a welcoming treat. This is a villa that invites you to enjoy a good book in its comfortable couches next to the fireplace. It allows you to pamper yourself with a bubble bath next to a view full of trees. It is a place where elegance in every element can be felt and where each guest can feel as part of a unique and authentic experience.

Project ScopeInterior Design/Decoration
PhotographyTamara Uribe
Year 2019