Interior design

Casa SC

About the project

The family is the most important thing in this project, therefore, large spaces are designed so that everyone can live together. The house is made up of 3 floors, the ground floor being a private living area, where armchairs and a slide make the imagination of young and old fly, there is also a large TV star area complemented by a large armchair ideal for sleepovers or video game evenings.

The first floor is intended for the social, where each space is united in one big social area with only a few walls around, seeking interaction from the entrance to the terrace, which consist of a bar area and a beautiful garden. The rooms are located on the upper floor, being a private area that make each member enjoys their personal space, designed based on the ages of each one and forming a sanctuary of relaxation in the main room.

Fun, comfort and avant-garde are the elements that make up this project.

Project ScopeInterior Design
PhotographyJorge Silva
Year 2017